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Mnemonic: Amenorrhea

A woman comes in for amenorrhea, what’s the differential?:

Mullerian Agenis = XX karyotype. 

Turners Syndrome: XO karyotype.

Androgen Insensitivity and 5-Alpha Reductase-deficiency: XY karyotype. 

How to remember?: Karyotypic males have type A personality. A for the first letter of the disease name. In Turners Syndrome think “O" like an ovary which are usually atrophied.


You know that old adage doctors make the worst patients.

Well medical students are worse.

Essentially, I did everything except stop breathing today- but I came pretty damn near close. And I still didn’t want to go the doctor. (Said truth: I hate going to the doctor, like really HATE it).

So the lab results are in and the radiologist has had his say…drum roll please…. 

I have pneumonia!

And that kids is why you shouldn’t wait to go to the doctor. 

Lesson learned. 

You know that old adage doctors make the worst patients. 

Well medical students are worse. 

Essentially, I did everything except stop breathing today- but I came pretty damn near close. And I still didn’t want to go the doctor. (Said truth: I hate going to the doctor, like really HATE it). 

After about 2 hours of non stop coughing, gasping for breath, and hoping that the damn albuterol would kick in (it never did) I reserved myself to the inevitable. I was going to have to be a victim of the Polish healthcare system. 

Asthma + Infection: 1   Me: 0

When I did finally go they were way to nice too me. (I really could have probably used one of those cranquis comebacks- “stupid, stupid, stupid”)

To be fair, it has been way worse before and for months at a time. My mother doesn’t believe in going to the doctor. When I was 11 I spent half the summer concentrating on breathing because when I told her I couldn’t breathe she wouldn’t listen. I finally had to get a physical for school and I think the pediatrician jumped back 10 feet when she heard my lungs. It was a definite, “I told you so” moment. (Keep in mind I’ve had asthma since I was 7, my mother still thinks I’m faking it). 

Anyways, back to tonight. I like drugs, drugs are nice. Did they help 100% no, but I’ll tell you what it sure beats suffocating. 

Of course then I’d have an excuse not to take my final on Saturday, hm….that’s a hard one. 


Dropping Things

Today I had an ovary thrown at me.

Okay, it wasn’t exactly at me, more like in my general direction. The surgeon threw it towards a table and he aimed badly causing one very large, very cystic ovary to fall on the floor, and burst like an organic water balloon spraying “ovary juice” all over our shoes.

Luckily we were wearing shoe covers.

Read more in my new blog post —> HERE 

My friend made this video because everyone seems to be dumping buckets of water over their heads, but no one actually seems to know what ALS is!  

Please share with anyone who does this challenge so that they actually know what they’re supporting and why it needs supported in the first place!!! 


So I get a call from my friend. And she requests that I come outside to help her with something for 5 minutes. So without asking why she needs my help I got up and went to meet her.

I get downstairs and I ask her what she needs (thinking it’s about our pending OB/GYN exam which lurks ever closer.) 

Her response: ”I need you hold the camera while I dump a bucket of water over my head.” 

Say what??? 

Had it of been any other person I would be concerned, but she’s kind of always crazy like that. 

Apparently she’s making a video thing about ALS and what it has to do with the ice bucket challenge or something of the likes. She’s supposed to send it to me when it’s done so stay tuned for my excellent camera holding skills!

I just did the red cross certification thing for blood borne pathogens for one of my upcoming electives.

It’s quite possible that I lost IQ points taking the test at the end.

"What do you do with used needles?" - I dunno put them back and use them again!?! 

I must overestimate the amount of common sense most people have if they have to use questions like that. 


When I was in elementary school they told us a story about a little boy on the beach that was covered in starfish that had been washed up by the waves. The little boy was throwing the starfish back into the ocean one at a time. Someone approached the boy and asked, “Why are you throwing these starfish back? There’s too many, it won’t make any difference.” The boy stopped and held one of the starfish up as he replied, “It does make a difference for this starfish.”  

When I think of being a doctor that’s the story I think about. No I’m not stopping a pandemic or creating serious healthcare reform. But, for that one person I can make a huge difference, and for me if I can change the life of one person for the better I’ll be content. 

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