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Anonymous asked:

Were you accepted to American medical schools?

That would obviously be NO.

With a few exceptions anyone who tells you that going abroad for medical school was their first choice is probably lying- though everyone has their own reasons.

I only applied at one school in the US and no I did not get in, had I of gotten in trust me I would have went there no matter how broke I would be right now. I chose Poland over the Caribbean because of money.

But you know what, that’s okay. What happened happened. Had I have wanted to take a year off to do a post bac program I probably wouldn’t have had too much trouble getting in, but I decided that I didn’t want to wait. We all make our own decisions and I’m okay with mine (most days).


Anonymous asked:

I'm currently in my second year of high school and my dream is to go to medical school. I do have this fear of "what if I don't get in?" and yeah it makes me nervous. Is this common and any advice to just overcome the fear? It's the only thing I could see myself doing in my future..

Being nervous is totally normal! Medicine is hard, it’s hard to get in, and it’s a hard job- being nervous is perfectly natural. The best you can do is to go into the application process knowing that you’ve done everything you can to increase your chances of admission.

It’s also important to take into account that there is a chance that you won’t get in, and that, THAT’S OKAY. Not getting in is not the end of the world (though it may seem like it). There are other options and there are always future years to increase your application and try again.

But, right now my best advice is for you to enjoy being young. You’re still in high school, relax a little. ;-)

Yesterday I had to use a calculator to do simple subtraction, the first year who I was talking to probably thought I was an idiot.

By the way the formula for relative risk = (# of cases when exposed to the risk / # of cases when not exposed to the risk).

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