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Hey all! 

I have VERY limited internet service where I am right now, so posts for the next month or so will probably be quite minimal. Sorry for the inconvenience and I look forward to updating you all and answering your messages when I can! 



medschoolmanic reblogged your post So this made OUR news and i live on th… and added:

I learned how to shoot small rifles as a kid. There is nothing wrong with teaching kids gun safety and how to properly

I was waiting for an argument like this :D yes gun safety is important but you…

Haha you know what’s great. My PUBLIC SCHOOL took my entire grade 6 class (we were all 11 and 12) to camp for a week where we were required to learn gun safety and how to shoot rifles. It was part of our grade and students who didn’t come were required to write a HUGE essay on gun safety and hunting and trapping (needless to say most kids came). 

Should kids be handling automatic weapons? HELL NO, but I think teaching them how to not be stupid around your standard hunting rifle in an area where almost EVERYONE owns one is probably a good idea. (Because the parents sure aren’t teaching them). 

My parents always made it a point to tell us how DANGEROUS they can be and how someone can get VERY hurt. There have always been guns in our home LOCKED UP. People need to learn how to use their better judgement when it comes to weapons, there is a happy medium where people can keep their guns but be responsible about it. The problem is I don’t think anyone knows what responsible means anymore. 


Anonymous asked:

Did you take an MCAT prep course, and if so, which one? Thanks!

I did not. 

Probably not my best idea. 

But, I did have a friend who did the Kaplan course and he liked it very much and scored VERY well (of course that could just come down to him being a super genius, but still…) 

Another suggestion do well the first time and don’t take it twice. That seems kind of obvious but as a person who had absolutely no help or insight into getting into medical school I made this very bad mistake. 

I took if the first time and thought that I could do better (my score was pretty good) but, I took it again and did TERRIBLE. And guess what they share both of your scores not just the one.

Best of luck! 

I Need to Complain for a Second

Not to toot my own “2nd worst/craziest week of my life ever” horn or anything, but here we go because I really just need to complain right now:

- I just completely moved EVERYTHING out of my apartment and scrubbed it until it sparkled.

- I just took my OB/GYN final- I don’t even remember going to it right now. Obviously not a great test. 

- I’m still sick and though this might be TMI I now have a beautiful rash on my neck for the past 3 days that I can’t decide if it’s due to the drugs or something else I touched. (It itches like mad).

- I had to leave my place at 3 a.m. to make my flight. (It was a 4 hour drive to the airport!).  

-My dog made getting the ticket and getting on to the plane a literal nightmare as he proceeded to freak the shit out even with 7mg of alprazolam! (That’s spread out over the course of a few hours, but you get the point). Can you say, reverse reaction!

- The flight from Poland to Frankfurt was delayed so not only did I spend almost 4 hours on a plane ride that was supposed to last 1 1/2 hours, but I had to stand in line after for 3 hours only for them to tell me that there are no more international flights today, and that I have to spend the night in Frankfurt. 

- I don’t have any clothing besides what I’m wearing. 

On the up side, I WILL be back in the US tomorrow!!! Assuming that tomorrow isn’t the nightmare the past few days have been. But I’m hoping for good things. 

Thanks for listening to me complain, you can now return to your normal tumblr programming. 

Mnemonic: Amenorrhea

A woman comes in for amenorrhea, what’s the differential?:

Mullerian Agenis = XX karyotype. 

Turners Syndrome: XO karyotype.

Androgen Insensitivity and 5-Alpha Reductase-deficiency: XY karyotype. 

How to remember?: Karyotypic males have type A personality. A for the first letter of the disease name. In Turners Syndrome think “O" like an ovary which are usually atrophied. 

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