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Anonymous asked:

I'm going to be a hs senior so of course I'm looking into where to apply. I know I want to be a doctor so ik I need to work hard in my undergraduate years so I can get into med school I'm just torn where I should go for pre med some schools I'm considering are stony brook, NYU BostonU, northeastern, Johns Hopkins(ultimate reach school) do you have any comments on these schools or others I should look into

 I know very little about any of those universities. What I do know is that Johns Hopkins = Medical School Dream, and that I have three friends one of which went to Stony Brook for undergrad, one went to Johns Hopkins for undergrad, and one went to Boston University for med school. They all seem to have liked their schools very much. 

I on the other hand went to a VERY small state school in the most hick area of the East Coast possible. My program stunk because I had a lot of environmental science requirements even though I was pre-med and of the 50 or so students that started with me I was the only one who graduated Pre-med, three others graduated as biology majors with me (only one of which has gone on to grad school I pin this down to the location of the school more than the quality of education). But, despite it’s small quirks that I loved every minute of it, and unlike most of my med school classmates I actually knew my professors (who wrote lovely recommendation letters) and still keep in contact with them. 

My point is don’t look at big schools just for their names check out smaller schools as well. Undergrads from big schools are just as likely to get into med school as someone from another university (in fact I know people who went to Cornell who couldn’t get into med school so name isn’t everything). If one of those schools seems like the right fit for you go for it, if not look around and find a school where you’ll feel the most comfortable studying at and which one will help you most academically because in the end that’s what matters.

Also, remember to ask the important questions when visiting perspective schools:

 1. How many pre-meds start freshmen year?

2. How many graduate as pre-med?

3. How many students overall go on to med school?

4. What is the average MCAT score?

5. Are there pre-med clubs on campus?

6. What’s the average class size? 

7. Who usually teaches the classes? Professors or TA’s? 

Best of luck! I’m sure you’ll find the school that’s right for you! 


Anonymous asked:

If I plan on going on the pre-Med track, will I still have to take say physics even if I get a 5 on my ap test? Basically what I'm asking is will ap classes exempt me from some of the pre med classes or will I still have to take those classes in college(I'm taking the classes regardless I'm just wondering if I should take the test as a senior)

That depends on the medical school. Some med schools will not accept AP or IB credits but some do- so that’s something you’ll need to look into.

If you take the test and are exempt from taking physics in undergrad then you may still have to take some sort of upper level physics class to meet that requirement. You’ll probably also have to submit your AP scores to AMCAS when you start filling out applications if you use them in lieu of taking the course. 

I know the test costs a bit, but taking it really isn’t going to hurt anything if you have the money for it. Worst case you have to take basic physics again and it will be easy and you’ll do well in it. Plus, your GPA probably won’t complain!

If you’re really concerned the best thing to do would be to call around to a few med schools that you’re thinking about and get a feel for what their policy is on this. 

Best of luck! 


Anonymous asked:

What classes should you take in collage if planning to go to med school

You can take whatever classes you want but as far as pre-req’s are concerned most med schools require: 1 year of biology, 1 year of general chemistry, 1 year of organic chemistry, 1 year of physics, and 1 year of English.

Some also want at least 1 semester of Biochem, 1 semester of calculus, and 1 semester of biostats. 

Start looking at med schools early to get an idea for their admissions criteria! It can really help out in the long run! 

Also, not to be mean but it’s *COLLEGE* if you want to go you’re going to need to know how to spell it. 

If it’s enough electricity to knock me off my feet- yeah it hurts. I mean REALLY hurts.
But, even with being shocked and ending up on the ground because of it (more than once) I’d totally do it again. I have never had so much fun running a half marathon ever!!! 
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If it’s enough electricity to knock me off my feet- yeah it hurts. I mean REALLY hurts.
But, even with being shocked and ending up on the ground because of it (more than once) I’d totally do it again. I have never had so much fun running a half marathon ever!!! 
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If it’s enough electricity to knock me off my feet- yeah it hurts. I mean REALLY hurts.
But, even with being shocked and ending up on the ground because of it (more than once) I’d totally do it again. I have never had so much fun running a half marathon ever!!! 
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If it’s enough electricity to knock me off my feet- yeah it hurts. I mean REALLY hurts.

But, even with being shocked and ending up on the ground because of it (more than once) I’d totally do it again. I have never had so much fun running a half marathon ever!!! 

See you on Monday

This weekend I’m going to Germany with a group of friends to run an obstacle race- the Tough Mudder.

I’m either the mom or the old lady of the group because I’ve packed: 1 bottle of Benadryl, 2 inhalers, 1 pack of Claratin, 2 packs of Nyquil, 1 bottle of benzo’s, 1 package of Olfen (it’s an NSAID), 1 package of ibuprofen, 3 types of band-aids (Mickey Mouse, Charlie Brown, and My Little Pony), and of course 1 tube of hydrocortisone cream. 

I should also try and dig out the sutures I bought a few weeks ago to practice with but never opened- just in case. 

You can never be too prepared. 

How many???

So how many people does it take to perform a gynecological exam?

17 apparently.


Yes, all 17 of these people were in the same (small) room, all at the same time during multiple exams, which included the usual inspection, bimanual exam, and trans-vaginal ultrasound. Insane right? There were 3 nurses, 7 doctors, 6 students (myself included), and of course his holiness himself THE PROFESSOR. The reason was that they were qualifying the women for surgery the next day, even still it seems excessive.

What’s more strange is that the women have no problems with it. They just march in and strip down in front of everyone- who are already in the room waiting for her (there are no hospital gowns here and no time to prep yourself before the doctor comes in). There are also no coverings of any sort to help protect modesty.

Stuff like this doesn’t seem to make much of a difference when we’re talking about abdominal exams, or even looking at limbs. But, when it’s in the private regions it’s really something different all together. The patients are almost fully naked with no covering. Granted like I said before they really don’t seem to care about it or if they do they don’t show it, but as a  North American it’s something strange indeed.

On another note, I’m enjoying this rotation a lot more than I thought I would. I really like having the opportunity to be in surgery and assist. I’m able to assist a whole lot more in the ob/gyn department than I ever did in the surgery department.

My first c-section I got to help deliver twins! I’d never seen a c-section before and I was not disappointed- boy was it bloody. WAY more bloody than some of the other surgeries I’ve seen. It’s because of all the amniotic fluid and the pressure and stuff, but wow. My classmates who were standing behind me ended up a little bit too close to the splash zone and managed to get almost as covered as I was (almost). The kids were cute though. 

I’m also now able to read an ultrasound, which feels like such an accomplishment! I may be a little bit on the proud side with that because I thought I’d never be able to read those things! I’m the only one in my group who’s been able to correctly identify the sex of the babies, and I’ve got finding the ovaries, myomas, and what not down to an art.


Mnemonic Challenge #1 



Shout out to mynotes4usmle who got this right!!! (As a side note - no pun intended, go check out her blog if you haven’t because she has some seriously awesome and helpful stuff on it!) Becomingestel succeeded just mere minutes later- quite the race. 

Now it’s time for some explaining.

Burkitt’s Lymphoma is a lymphoma seen in adolescents and can present as a jaw lesion though it can also occur in the abdomen. It is caused by t(8;14) aka a translocation of c-myc and heavy chain IgG. On histology slides it has a starry sky appearance. It is associated with EBV infection.   

So what’s this silly picture have to do with any of that? Well I’m glad you asked.

Mickey Mouse represents the c-myc (get it Mickey Mouse, C-MYC haha…). The 8 stars represent chromosome #8 where c-myc is normally found. And Van Gogh’s "Starry Night" represents the starry sky appearance that’s supposedly seen under the microscope (personally I don’t see it, but consider it a buzzword). 


Honorable mention goes to sans-maps who said myopia, and thegreatjeudemots who suggested that it might be epilepsy. 



Anonymous asked:

Hey, So, Uhm, I just into my A levels and I'm really interested into getting into a decent undergraduate school for pre med. I mean, I absolutely love helping people and all. But I kinda need help to what subjects I should choose and what should my Sat score should be to get a financial grant, because we're not that well off. Thanks a bunch! :D


Based on that I take it that you’re from the UK and are planning on coming to the US to do your first degree? I hope that’s right.  

So basically it really depends on what you plan on doing next. Do you plan on staying in the US to try and study medicine or do you want to go back to the UK? 

I’m afraid I know very little about A levels except that it’s much more focused subject wise than high school in the US is- where we take classes in everything. But, I think that you should start focusing on whatever you want to study in University the same as you would if you were staying in the UK. That’s according to this —> 

As far as what undergraduate degree to pick I know the UK tends to be a bit more strict with these things so if you want into a 4 year MD program there once you’re finished in the US you’ll definitely want a science degree of some sort. 

But, on the other hand if you want to stay in the US for medical school you can pretty much study whatever you want so long as you complete the core requirements (physics, biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, English, and calculus). Once you’ve been admitted into a school and have picked your major you’ll probably be assigned a staff advisor who can help you with scheduling your classes, in many cases the school designs your schedule for your first term anyways. 

One thing I think you should look into especially if you plan to stay in the US is how many medical schools accept students who are not US citizens and how much it’s going to cost. I don’t mean to turn you off if this is your plan, but I’d rather you hear it now versus 4 years from now after everything is said and done. From what I’ve seen it’s much more difficult for non-US citizens to get into med schools in the US. 

As far as financial grants I have no idea and it’s been almost 8 years since I’ve sat the SAT or ACT so I have no idea what is considered “good” these days. The best thing I can suggest as far as that is an internet search for “international student scholarships.” One good source is here —>  I’d also suggest that you check out the Fulbright Scholarship link thing that I posted above as it is not only a scholarship but also has some really good info on things that you might want to know. 

Okay now that I’ve pretty much written a full on essay (sorry about that) go check the links out and what not.

Best of luck and let me know if you have anymore questions and I will try my best to help!  

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